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psychic medium
Languages: en
Email readings: Yes
Experience: 15-20 years
Topics: tarot reading,pendulum,rune divination,crystal reading,clairvoyance,reiki,crystal healing,natural healing,chakra healing,love and sex,home and family,career and business,travelling and relocation,mind and body,health and healing,rituals and energies years

I am a tarot and crystal ball reader who also works as a psychotherapist. My area of expertise is relationships: love❤ romance❤ sexuality❤and family❤. I am interested in ways of facilitating personal, emotional and spiritual development. I work using imagery, poetry, dreams. I am open-minded and non-judgemental. Alongside my online work I am based at a tarot unit in London. ۞ An interest in interpreting symbols and images runs in my family. I first became passionate about tarot when I was studying English Literature. The images and archetypes spoke to me and I responded to their mythological and emotional nature. ❅ Over the years my interest in tarot has deepened and I now skry in the cards and the crystal ball, with results that often shock me and my clients with their accuracy. ♡ As a therapist, I always aim to convey what I see clearly and honestly in a safe and optimistic manner. I am happy to answer any question without judgement. I believe in free and open communication for the purposes of healing, growth and transformation. Here are some of the things I do: ☼ Crystal Ball Readings ☸ Skrying: The ancient art of seeing and visualising for the purposes of divination. ✙ Tarot Card Readings: I am currently using the Thoth deck but also use The Mythic Tarot, Morgan-Greer, Rider Waite and Pagan Tarot decks, amongst others. I offer general readings, love readings and career readings. I can tailor a reading to your specific questions. I also skry in the cards to create a deeper and more personal interpretation of the cards as they come up. ✡ Dream Interpretation: Using both clairvoyant insights and my training in psychotherapy -Jungian, Freudian and Gestalt techniques. ♂ Sexual Psychic Readings: The sexual psyche is part of our emotional and spiritual centre and sexuality is at the heart of the tarot. I also see sexual fantasies and experiences in the crystal ball and I am happy to talk about them when they are part of a client's path. My approach to sexuality is deep, soulful, playful and light. I work at London events as 'Anna the Sexual Psychic'. I welcome readings with clients from all sexual orientations. ☥ Spiritual Healing: I have run and taken part in spiritual healing groups that focus on creative visualisation, meditation, and Reiki-style healing of the aura. ♞ Storytelling: Having been a student of English Literature and teacher of young children, I know many stories, songs, poems and rhymes and they come to me during my readings. I share them with my clients as I see them in the crystal ball and I use them to communicate about emotional and spiritual development using metaphor and imagery to connect at depth. ✙ Teaching: A former teacher, I enjoy sharing what I have learned about tarot, skrying, clairvoyance and relationship skills during my free chat. Watch this space for upcoming classes in my room. ✯ Paganism: My spirituality is pagan, which means that I believe in a goddess as well as a god. I am a feminist and focus on the empowerment of both women and men in my readings. I am closely attuned to the wheel of the year and the cycles of the moon, which I draw on in my readings. I am interested in Celtic spirituality, and am also inspired by Middle Eastern paganism, such as Sufism. ☪ Turkish Coffee Grain Readings: Skrying in coffee grains is a popular art in Turkey, and I have been lucky to have opportunities to develop the art and have experience working with Turkish and other clients from a Muslim background. Just ask if you would like a coffee grain reading and I will do so for you in a private consultation. ✞ Reading Tea Leaves: I also know the English art of reading tea leaves. Just ask for a reading and I will do so for you in a private consultation. Here are some comments from recent readings with members: ✎