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psychic medium
psychic medium
Languages: en
Email readings: Yes
Experience: 10-15 years
Topics: tarot reading,pendulum,reiki,love and sex,mind and body,health and healing,rituals and energies,lost and found years

Gifted as an empath since early childhood i was drawn to explore my creativity through research, poetry, art, song, sound, prayer and dance. Through the development of my path as an artist and ascetic in heart and mind, I found myself in heavy contemplation of the tarot. Growing into my sensitivity, I began to perceive the pattern that connects all things and discovered these principles in the tarot and other divinatory forms. Through this I could gain insight into my own life and those around me. A natural development was to then thoroughly investigate sacred geometry and musical modalities. I have spent years immersed in these meditations which led to me providing professional meditation mandalas and music for holistic health co-ordinators and practitioners). Having always been an avid pattern spotter, I began a deep exploration into the resonance within and noticed the different frequencies in people and how to attune to and read these frequencies. I came into this field as a complete cynic, but soon came to my senses as I began my investigation into universal harmony and resonance. ! I also keep an eye on world 'science' and the power structure developments /games of the daily outside world that makes up our shared consensus reality. Since childhood I have had a yearning to understand spirituality in all its forms and have taken care to keep an open mind and heart. This led me on a journey of studying material from many different schools of thinking, cross-cultural study, esoteric lore and shamanism, philosophy, psychology, anthropology, health, herbs and natural law in all its forms and by viewing life holistically, one finds that things are much simpler than they seem, everything has its resonant reflection in everything else and the truth is there waiting to be found. All that is needed is to simplify perception by focusing on root causes whilst connecting to the Divine Mind. Just as a child is pure of heart, we too, can reach in and touch that divinity. The ‘work’ is to be able to look past the conditioned patterns and observe the lessons that the art of divine living has brought to you. We all know that lessons come up in life appearing as doors, portals to another level of understanding. We are given the opportunity time and time again to walk through the energetic doors that we have not yet managed to. They appear each time with a different guise; the art of resonant divination practices assists a smoother understanding of the work at hand that needs to be done. With more than 15 years experience in energetic healing and massage, my focus is on resonant holistic healing, using various tools. I spend my time creating Meditation Mandalas (which may or may not be sigil based), I write Meditation Music (as well as a whole range of other genres :), and combine art and music with prayer and healing. I come from a school of thinking which decrees all action is worship and all thought is spell. I come from a school of thinking which considers the body one's temple, so integrity, and harmony are of paramount importance to me. Through my strong integral nature and ability to reflect, let me help you harness the will of the Divine Mind so that we may together model a more unified present and future for you, an harmonic balance. We are all here, brothers and sisters, to take part in 'The Great Remembering